Eat Healthy

Discover the Health Benefits of Produce

Whether fresh, frozen, canned or dried, fruits and vegetables are major sources of nutrients we need — but we often don't eat enough of them. Since the nutrients in fruits and vegetables vary, it's important to eat a variety. Opt for dark-green, red and orange vegetables, and beans and peas.

Eating Right Isn't Complicated

Eating right doesn't have to be complicated — simply begin to shift to healthier food and beverage choices. These recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans can help get you started.

Get the Facts on Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate and Food Labels

Making the right food and nutrition choices is a necessary part of daily life — but finding the best and most accurate information can be confusing. However, it is possible to develop a plan for healthy eating, and plans that emphasize a balance of foods — such as those based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans — can promote positive lifestyle changes.